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About Me

My name is Georgia and from the moment I can remember myself, I am in unconditional love with style and fashion. After finishing my Master in Business Administration and having a busy business life in management, I took the next step and completed my diploma in Fashion & Personal Styling at London College of Style. Becoming a professional fashion stylist is something that came so naturally to me!!

Passion for People

One of the things I enjoy the most is interacting with people and help them find their magnificent self. A complete understanding of your needs is also justified by my previous experience and knowledge of the field of styling and fashion. Along with that, I assure you that my keen eye for detail will skyrocket your confidence and style!


Having travelled so far to more than 15 countries and being able to interact and connect with different cultures, customs, traditions and people, has opened my mind, expanded my horizons and set my spirit free. Expect all these “liberating” attributes to our powerful styling sessions!

Creative Thinking

From an early age I was always interested in arts as a mean to interpret the various aspects of life in a creative way. Apart from my natural inclination in styling, cinema, music and photography gained my interest as well! All these contributed to me enhancing a more creative mind and a positive attitude, attributing to a more pleasant, creative and friendly experience for me and you!


My personal styling e-services are designed to be personalised and they are infused with love for fashion and styling! The perfect combination of quality and convenience with all the right cost! No matter your gender, place/base or spare time, all you have to do is send me your thoughts through any device with internet access and I will guide you through my following e-services!!

Online Personal Shopping
Online Personal Shopping
If you don’t have time to get to the shops, if you find it difficult researching for clothes & trends online, if you want to fill gaps in your wardrobe out of your given budget, or even if you feel lost between fashion blogs, magazines & need some guidance....
Body Shape Analysis
Body Shape Analysis
If you don't know what exactly suits your body, if you are unsure which fabrics or patterns to search for, if you have no time to try on ill-fitting items or if you just need an easy formula to follow....
Color Analysis
Colour Analysis
If you hide behind dark colors, if you are not sure which colours make you look your best or if you don’t know how to wear & combine colours....
Wardrobe Consultation
Wardrobe Consultation
If you have a wardrobe full of clothes & still don't find anything to wear, if you find frustrating which outfit to choose & you keep wasting time trying on things, if you put on the same outfits and you need a fresh perspective....
Special Occasion Styling
Special Occasion Styling
If you wish to combine an online personal shopping, a colour analysis, a body shape analysis and a full wardrobe consultation session, this session will be a life changing experience for you....
Seasonal Personal Styling
Seasonal Styling
For those who seeking their wardrobe to be always updated with the latest must haves of the season, this session is essential. I offer my expert advice on fashion trends and season choices clothes, shoes, accessories that you should invest every season according to your budget....
Full Personal Styling
Full Personal Styling
If you wish to combine an online personal shopping, a colour analysis, a body shape analysis and a full wardrobe consultation session, this session will be a life changing experience for you....
Annual Styling Membership
Annual Styling Membership
This absolute styling experience consists of two online personal shopping sessions, a full wardrobe consultation session, a body shape analysis session, a colour analysis session and priceless monthly email and chat sessions for style dilemmas or wardrobe issues!!
Ask for More
If you want a styling session different from what I offer, do not hesitate to ask for it! We can discuss your needs and find what fulfills your wishlist!!

Style is for Everyone

Don’t waste anymore time!!
Let yourself shine, feel beautiful & pampered by
my online e-styling services!!



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Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. I would be more than happy to find which styling service suits you best. Feel free to send me your concerns with an email or to contact me via social media and together will “set sail” for your personalised styling journey. You will regret not having started sooner!!

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