Style Me Georgia | Body Shape Analysis
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This session changed the way I feel about my body!! Georgia gave me priceless tips on how to wear the exact pieces that suit my body impeccably!!
Xavier R.

Body Shape Analysis

  • If you don’t know what exactly suits your body,

  • if you are unsure which fabrics or patterns to search for,

  • if you have no time to try on ill- fitting items or

  • if you just need an easy formula to follow…

then a body shape analysis session is what you need!

Knowing your body and how to wear different shapes, fabrics and styles properly is of outmost importance. Thus, when you book a body shape analysis with me, you can be sure that you will maximize your best assets and cleverly hide your less likable. Moreover, you will gain time and you will reduce frustration when you get dressed or go shopping!!

The process of the body analysis session is easy and friendly for everyone. Firstly, you provide me your measurements & a full body photo. Then, within few hours, I deliver to you a full illustrated list of cloth types, patterns and fabrics along with instructions and tips on how to achieve the perfect fit for your individual body shape!!

All my e-services are smoothly designed and skillfully crafted to suit your individual needs and style!!

The price for the body analysis session is $50.

This session is combined wonderfully with colour analysis session, ask for both sessions and get a package price!!