Style Me Georgia | Colour Analysis
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All these years I had trouble with colours, I couldn't find which one looks better on me and I had given up, wearing mostly black, but everything changed when ``Style Me Georgia`` guided me through my personal colour palette!! A friendly, enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone!
Stella P.

Colour Analysis Session

  • If you hide behind dark colours,

  • if you are not sure which colours make you look your best or

  • if you don’t know how to wear & combine colours…

then a colour analysis session is what you need!

Discover your true colours and make your skin look healthy & young! When you know the right colours for you, you can maximize the effect on your best assets and cleverly hide your less flattering areas. While at the same time you lift your mood and enhance your appearance! Needless to say, I would guide and advise you comprehensively so after this session you will know what to wear at the right time!

The process of the color analysis session is simple, effortless and friendly. Firstly, you take a quick and efficient survey providing me with crucial information about you & you send me a portrait photo. Then, within the next few hours, your personalized seasonal color palette will be sent to you! Along with that, I will provide you helpful information and insight about how to combine and wear these right colors to your daily life! Thus, you will take advantage of your existing wardrobe, accessories and cosmetics and you will boost your confidence!!

Don’t forget that all my e-services are smoothly designed and skillfully crafted to suit your individual needs and style!!

The price for the colour analysis session is $50.

This session is combined wonderfully with body shape analysis session, ask for both sessions and get a package price!!