Style Me Georgia | Seasonal Styling
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Although I consider myself a fashion expert, 'Style Me Georgia' enlightened me with her insights in next trends and season analysis expertness! I do come back for more every season!
Helen V.

Seasonal Styling Session

  • If you want your wardrobe to be always updated with the latest must haves of the season,

  • if you are style-conscious person and you need an experienced direction through season’s trends, or even

  • if you feel lost in fashion blogs and you wish for a quick, up-to-date guidance for your season ‘investments’ then…

this seasonal personal styling session is essential for you.

My skillful consultation on fashion trends and season choices of clothes, shoes, accessories will be given to you effortlessly, so you can purchase every season’s must-haves according to your budget, style and personality.

The price for the seasonal styling session is $70.

This session is combined magnificently with online personal shopping session, ask for both sessions and get a package price!!